Potential Photography Courses

Would it be incredibly insane of me to take up a photography course while working two jobs and studying full- time at uni?

I was considering enrolling part-time in a Tafe course to get some kind of accreditation in photography before finishing my Bachelor of Journalism at the end of next year. I had a look at the website for Gold Coast Tafe, but the only similar thing offered was graphics, which I’m not particularly interested in. I told mum and she told me she had seen a short course advertised at the SAE Institute in Byron Bay. 

I looked in to it and it turns out there are a few five- week photography courses offered at SAE. The downside is that they have no accreditation. While it’s a 50 minute drive away, my family has a second home down in Byron Bay, so it’s not as though I’d need to drive home to the Gold Coast after every weekly class.

Alternatively, it turns out the Academy of Design on the Gold Coast also offers tuition in photography. They offer a Certificate IV in Photoimaging and a Diploma of Photoimaging. However, both these courses are 20 hours a week for six months, which might just kill me on top of uni.

The Certificate IV in Photoimaging can also be completed in 40 weeks (six-10 hours/week) or 18 months (three hours/week)

Three hours a week is ideal, but 18 months is a prolonged commitment. I would have to start ASAP to get the certificate shortly after my degree. I’m not sure it’s even available to start again this year. 

The next starting date for the 40 week course is July 29th, which gives me just over six weeks to think about it. It would be one day a week: 9am to 3.30pm on Fridays. I really want to do it! I don’t have uni on Friday’s at the moment, but I don’t know what my timetable will be like next semester, which starts in September.

It looks as though the only sensible option is the short courses at SAE. I just wish it had some accreditation!


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